26th September 2021

Virtually by
BioGenesis Health Cluster,
Bengaluru, India.


Quiz: Healthy Ageing, 2019 agenda

Total duration of quiz: 60 minutes

The top 3 teams will be awarded with Prize.


  1. The Quiz: Healthy Ageing, 2019 is open to all registered delegate of V World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics.
  2. Delegates desirous of participating in the Quiz should register separately for the quiz from official website of conference. However, there is no separate payment for the Quiz registration.
  3. Any three students of same college can form a team.
  4. There is no restriction for number of team from a college.
  5. After all the team fails to answer the question, it will be passed to audiences. The one able to tell the answer will be rewarded.


  1. The Quiz will be conducted in two Phases.
  2. The first Phase would be conducted as elimination/preliminary phase. The second phase, which is the grand finale will be a stage round at conference hall.
  3. Each questions will be projected on screen.


  1. The team have to write the name of each of their members along with their college name on the given sheet.
  2. The Preliminary Phase will have 20 multiple choice questions.
  3. Only the letter corresponding to the correct answer (a,b,c or d) of respective questions should be written in the given answer sheet.
  4. Answer for a question should be noted within 45 seconds from the projection of the question. A warning bell will be given at 30 seconds. At 45 seconds, the slide will be automatically changed for displaying next question. Therefore, total duration of Preliminary Phase will be 15 minutes.
  5. Results of preliminary round and those qualifying (top 6 teams) for the next round will be published within 10 minutes.
  6. The organizing committee is responsible for providing the facilities to the teams and for the ethical conduct of the Quiz.
  7. Each member participating in the Quiz will be given a certificate of participation.
  8. If at any point of time any misconduct on the part of the participating teams is proved, their team for the Quiz will be summarily cancelled.


  1. Questions will be displayed on the projector. Only the respective team should answer the question.
  2. There will be total five rounds in the final phase.
    • Round 1: Connect
    • Round 2: Buzzer
    • Round 3: Rapid Fire
    • Round 4: Bounce and Pounce
    • Round 5: Audio-Visual
  3. Each rounds will have 6 questions.
  4. Each direct questions: 15 seconds.
  5. Pass questions will be given no additional time. The team have to reply instantaneously after getting the chance.
  6. Right answer to each direct question will bring 10 marks and right answer to each pass question will bring you 5 marks.
  7. There will be negative marking for buzzer round and Bounce & Pounce round. For each wrong answer 5 mark will be deducted from the total marks obtained.
  8. An un-attempted question will be worth zero (0) marks.
  9. Only one answer should be given in all the rounds. If multiple answers are given, only the first announced answer will be considered. Half answers in rounds will not be considered.
  10. Prompting and talking loudly within the team or among teams is strictly prohibited. If found prompting, first offense will be given a warning, 10 marks will be deducted the second time and the team will be disqualified the third time
  11. In case of a tie, a rapid fire with 5 questions will be asked and the best team answering most number of the 5 questions and in least time will be given the better rank.
  12. Decision of the Quiz Master will be final.